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ICL Writing Competition 2017

One of the objectives of Intercultural Learning is to help a person’s self-development. Through intercultural learning, a person is motivated to be more critical in their thinking and to have new perspective by experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, making new friends, etc. The processes allows a person to refine their views towards the world. With a well-developed self-thinking, a person will gain confidence and independence to contribute for a greater good.

The theme to this cycle of ICL writing competition is “Intercultural Learning and Self Development”. We want to know how you were able to develop yourself in terms of thinking and skills through intercultural learning. Given your experience as an exchange student as well as Bina Antarbudaya volunteers, describe examples that you have encountered that represents the theme, and how it gives meaning to your personal life. You can explore new ideas based on your experience and reflections as recommendation for others to have awareness on the importance of self-development through intercultural learning.

Mechanism and Criteria

  1. Article is written in English
  2. Written article should contain at least 500 words, and maximum 700 words. Photos describing the writing should also be attached
  3. Articles written in soft copy format (.doc)
  4. After being submitted, Bina Antarbudaya is allowed to use the story as publication material or reference material to develop ICL
  5. Content should be originally developed (no plagiarism is allowed)

Submit your stories before February 28th, 2017 to Three best stories will receive prize from Bina Antarbudaya!


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