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Promoting Healthy Living in Makassar, Indonesia

Health is one of the most important aspect in our daily life, and to support a better life. As a concrete realization of our commitment to support the creation of future leaders through intercultural learning, our volunteers in Makassar Chapter organized a social activity to promote healthy living. Through this activity, the committees invited people residing in Makassar area to take part in a one day event full of caring and sharing for health.

During this one day event, the committee gathered several returnees and volunteers in the medical fields (General Practitioners and Dentists) to provide free of charge services to the community through a series of activities such as: Free Health Check-Up, Free Health Consultation, Free Dental Check-Up, Sharing Session with Returnees, Free Medical Treatment, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Check, Nutrition Check, Blood Donation and General Health Education. On top of that, the event was opened with a “Yoga on the street” activity.

AFS Care for Health did not only aim to provide health access, but also to strengthen the relations between volunteers and returnees. This event was also an opportunity to promote Bina Antarbudaya and its programs to potential participants. There were around 300 people participating in this event. The local government of Makassar City also supported this event by providing several facilities as well as venue in one of the city’s public area.

Through this kind of activity, our volunteers and committees are working together to promote mutual understanding and a better world for all. Having different fields of expertise, they are eager to make use of their skills and knowledge for a greater good, and through the spirit of volunteerism. We hope by spreading this message, we can inspire other volunteers and returnees to give back to their communities by organizing similar activities.

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